“Working the Nutritek Q1 has been an absolute delight not only on functionality but also on quality of the final product!”



“In the beginning we juiced with another brand. Soon, business picked up and we decided to make an investment with Nutritek. Immediately, literally EVERYTHING changed for the better with our juices and production.”



“The juice is always worth the squeeze when you’re using the Q1 by Nutritek.”



We are quite happy with the assistance and support Nutritek has given us as we transition to producing cold-pressed juice utilizing both the Q1 and Q3 machines. We called their office repeatedly and asked a tonne of questions. We were expertly guided through each stage by Nutritek. For your needs in cold-press juice, we highly recommend Nutritek.

Vegan Life, .

We were looking to purchase a commercial cold press juicer when we came across Nutritek. At first, we weren’t sure whether to purchase the product or not, but after extensive discussion and clarification, we decided to purchase the Nutritek Q3. We are now extremely happy with this purchase and highly recommend it to others.

ZUCA Food and Beverages Pvt Ltd, .

We are happy to have purchased a Nutritek commercial cold press juicer; their services are great, and the packing is excellent.

Detox, .

As we start a cold press juice business, we purchased a Nutritek commercial cold press juicer. The services offered are excellent, and doing business with a young, creative team is good. I appreciate your support.

N Cold Press, .