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Grater will not turn on?2022-10-28T19:24:38+00:00
  1. Check your incoming power source and check the voltage if the m/c is single (230V to 240V) phase/ 3 phase (400V to 415V).
  2. Check the emergency push button is released
  3. Check the incoming supply cable connected to the control panel has been loosened.
Grater is creating abnormal noise?2022-10-28T19:26:24+00:00
  1. Power of the grater remove the hopper and ensure the white colour nylon bush is rubbing during rotation.
  2. Ensure the blade stopper is tightened properly
  3. Ensure the blade holder is fixed properly to the shaft.
Slippage of vegetables or fruits from the Nylon Bag2022-10-28T19:27:43+00:00
  1. Ensure the capacity of the bag is filled as per the suggested capacity
  2. Ensure proper positioning of the bag with folding as per suggested by the Tekeq engineer
Hydraulic cylinders are not moving?2022-10-28T19:29:04+00:00
  1. Check whether the power pack is turning on
  2. Ensure the selectors switch is positioned properly
  3. Ensure there is no leakage in the piping line
  4. Check whether there is an oil inside the hydraulic tank

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